LearningSpace: How to view LS as a student and change hidden section settings

It is sometimes useful to be able to view your LS module page as a student to check exactly what students have access to. This can be particularly useful if you are unsure of whether a section or activity/resource is hidden or not.

To view your LS module page as a student:

  • Click on your profile image icon (top-right-hand side of the screen)
  • Then click ‘Switch role to…’ and select student from the options you are given

Switch role

  • You will now see your LS module page and content exactly as students do
  • Any hidden sections will be either completely invisible or will be shown as ‘not available’ – there will also be additional purple messages for example if there is a restriction set on feedback – for example if a there is a required score needed before feedback can be viewed.

To switch back to your normal role:

  • Go back to your profile icon and select ‘return to my normal role’ option

Return to normal role

To change the settings of hidden sections:

  • Go to Site Administration and select Courses then course default settings
  • Click the down arrow next to Hidden sections and select the option you want

Hidden sections

  • Scroll down and click the blue ‘Save changes’ button

Watch the video to see this in action!

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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