How to Access LearningSpace?

You can access LearningSpace (LS), the University’s online Virtual Learning Environment from any computer with Internet access.

Open a web browser and visit: You will be taken to the LearningSpace homepage which includes quick links to useful information.

You’ll need to login before you can access module resources and information. The login box is located on the right side.

If you are a student your username will be your 8 digit student number (found at the bottom of your library card). Your password will initially be set to the following: Marjon-DDMMYYYY (replace DDMMYYYY with your date of birth).

New passwords must be 14 characters in length and include upper/lower-case letters, numbers and symbols. Your LS password will always be the same as your network/email password.

Once you have logged in you will be taken to your dashboard, as shown below, this will contain a list of the modules you have access to.

If you are not directed to this page, use the My Marjon drop down menu to select the My Modules link.

drop-down - my marjon

Clicking on a module link from your dashboard will open the course page and allow you to access the information.

Important Password Information

Plymouth Marjon University network passwords do not expire. However, if you forget it you will be unable to login to LS or access other services. It is essential that you setup your password reset profile.

Once you’ve created a profile you can then reset your password online, at any time. For guidance on how to use the Password Reset Manager, look in the Network Account Information section of the Digital Skills Training Frequently asked questions page.

Once you’ve logged in to LearningSpace you can access a range of resources.

Quick Links will also provide access to information on a rage of other areas like Digital Skills Help and timetable.

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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