LearningSpace: How to add a welcome message and image to your LS course page

How to add a welcome message and image to your LS module page

A basic (bare bones) LearningSpace page is created for each module using a ‘topic format’ layout.  Module leads and tutors then need to customise the page and add content.  A good starting point is to have a welcome message to give students information about the course and contact details.

  • The first thing that you need to do is click the Setting icon  icon (located at the top right hand side of the page) – then select ‘Turn editing on’
  • Click the ‘edit’ link and then ‘Edit section’ (top right-hand corner of the main page) Edit button
  • You are now ready to begin adding your welcome message. (keep the custom box checked)

Welcome message title

  • Add your text – A welcome message, information about the course and what to expect, including contact details, which are quite useful to include here

Welcome message

  • To add a picture of yourself or the team: click directly infront of the text you have entered, then click the insert/edit image icon, click find or upload an image -> choose file -> navigate to where your image is stored, click open and then click the upload this file button.
      • You will see your uploaded image in the ‘Preview’ area and can type in an image description
      • Next you need to click the Appearance tab to make changes to the image size and alignment before adding it to your page

Example profile picture

On the Appearance tab:

  • Change alignment to left (this change will wrap text around the image rather than being underneath it)
  • Change the image size – 200 is a reasonable size (make sure the constrain proportions box is checked)
  • Add horizontal space (e.g. 4) to add a little space between the text and image

Appearance tab

  • When you have made these changes, click the insert button.

Example profile and welcome message

  • Then scroll down and click the Save changes button button.

Watch this short video to see this in action

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Tracey Eaton

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