LS Quiz: How to create a question bank category & multiple choice question

Question Bank

Questions that you create in a quiz are stored in a question bank and can be used in other quizzes that you create. The questions are stored in categories and so it is important to create a category to store your questions in prior to creating your quiz. You then have the option to create all questions first and then create your quiz, adding questions directly from the question bank  or to create the quiz first and add questions to the relevant question bank category as you create them. In this example, we will create a question bank category and questions. The quiz will be created afterwards.

Create a Question Bank Category

  1. Login to LearningSpace and click to access your module page
  2. Go to the setting menu, top right-hand side of the page and select ‘More…’ Then select ‘Questions’

SettingsQuestion bank

3.  Click on the ‘Categories’ tab

4.  Click the down arrow next to ‘Parent category’ and select ‘Top’

5.  Enter a name for your category

6.  Enter information about the category (optional)

7.  Then click the ‘Add category’ button

Countries of the world

Create Questions

1. Click on ‘Questions’

2. Select the category that you want the question to be stored in and then click the ‘Create a new question’ button

Create a question

3.  Select a question type from the list. In this example ‘Multiple Choice’, then click ‘Add’

4.  Enter a question name. This can be a category within a category and is for reference purpose only (students do not see this)

5.  Type your question into the ‘Question Text’ box

6.  Enter a default mark for the question – in this example only one of the possible 3 answers is correct, so the question is worth 1 mark

7.  Add a comment in the ‘General feedback’ box (optional)

8.  Indicate whether the question has one or multiple answers

9.  Shuffle the choices – click in the checkbox to enable this if you want the order of the answers to to be randomly shuffled for each attempt

10.  Click the down arrow and a select a format to indicate how you want the questions to be numbered (there is also a ‘no numbering’ option)

11. Enter choices- In this example ‘Choice 1’ ( a day) is the correct answer and so 100% is selected in the grade box for this answer

12.  Feedback for each response can also be added (this is optional)

13.  For choices that are incorrect, the grade needs to be set to ‘None’ (If more than one answer is correct a percentage needs to be selected)


 Other settings

  • Combined feedback – This section allows you to enter feedback for correct, partially correct and incorrect responses ( this is optional)
  • Multiple tries – When questions are run using the ‘Interactive with multiple tries’ or ‘Adaptive mode’ behaviour, so that the student will have several tries to get the question right, then this option controls how much they are penalised for each incorrect try. You can also add comments in the ‘Hint’ boxes to help students with the question

14.  Click the ‘Save changes‘ button

  • You will see your question displayed in the Question bank in the ‘Countries of the world’ category. The number next to the category name indicates how many questions are stored in the category
  • If you have added the question to the wrong category, you can click the ‘Move to’ down arrow and select another category

Question bank

To add another question, click the ‘Create a new question’ button

On this page we have looked at how to access the question bank, create a new category and a multiple choice question

Watch this short video to see this in action

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