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What is the Sharing Cart?

The Sharing Cart is a Moodle Block that provides you with an easy way to copy resources and activities between different LS modules that you teach on.

How does it work?

Items you add to the sharing cart are only accessible by yourself.  Most course pages will already have the Sharing Cart activated. If you have editing turned on and cannot see it, you will need to add it using the instructions below.

Add the Sharing Cart block to your LS course page

The first thing that you need to do is add the Sharing Block to your LS course page:

  • Login to LS and go to the course that you want to add the Sharing Cart Block to
  • Click on the ‘Dashboard’ link within the hamburger menu on the left-hand side, then click the green ‘Customise this page’ button top right-hand side of the page
  • The ‘Add a Block’  will appear on the left-hand side of the hamburger menu.

Sharing cart

  • Scroll down and select ‘Sharing Cart’
  • The Sharing Cart Block will now be visible on the right hand side of your LS page

Sharing cart

Add activities and resources to the Sharing Cart

Next you need to locate the activity or resource that you want to use in another LS course:

  • Make sure that editing is on
    • Scroll to the activity/resource that you want to add to the Sharing Cart (Advanced techniques in this example)
  • Click ‘Edit’ and select ‘Copy to Sharing Cart’ from the menu

Copy to cart

  • Repeat for each of the resources/activities that you want to share

Add activities and resources from the Sharing Cart

Go to the LS course that you want to copy the resources/activities into. If you don’t already have the Sharing Cart Block in this course, you will need to add it (refer to ‘Add the Sharing Cart Block to your LS course page’ section above)

Note: The Sharing Cart Block is only visible when Editing is turned on

  • To copy an activity or resource from the Sharing Cart to your course page, you need to click the ‘copy to course’ icon  (in this example the Advanced techniques activity is being copied)

Sharing cart

  •  Once this has been clicked, you will notice that a downward arrow and a rectangle have appeared at the bottom of each section on your course page


  •  Click on the rectangle to copy the activity/resource to that location (in this example the Advanced techniques activity will display beneath the ‘Module 1 – The Legal Framework URLCompleted: Module 1 – The Legal Framework’ activity
  •  Once the rectangle has been clicked, the ‘Advanced techniques’ activity is copied to this location


  • The name of the activity can be changed by clicking the ‘pencil’ icon, typing in the new name and then pressing the enter key on your keyboard to save the change

Note: Once the activity or resource has been added, it can be moved to a different position within the section or to a different section by clicking the grey ‘cross’ (on the left hand side of the activity) and dragging it

Removing activities and resources from the Sharing Cart

Once the activity or resource has been added to another LS course you can remove it from the Sharing Cart.

  • Click the cross to delete an activity/resource from the Sharing Cart


Watch this short video to see this in action

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