LS Quiz – How to extend time allowed for a student or groups

When using a Moodle Quiz for assessment purposes you will most probably be setting time restrictions to ensure that the quiz is completed within a set time.  If you need to allow some students additional time to complete the quiz this can be done by putting them into a group and using the ‘Group overrides’ feature, or if you have only one student that needs additional time, you can use the ‘User overrides’ feature.  This guide takes you through the steps needed to set up additional time.

Create a group and add students who are allowed additional time

If more than one student needs to be given extra time, they will need to be put into a group. This section takes you through the steps needed to create and add students to a group.

Note: If you need to set up extra time for a single student, go straight to the ‘Use the Group or User Override feature to allow additional time’ section

  1. In the Administration block (left hand side of your LS module page) click participants and then click on the cog icon and select Groups (ensure the hamburger menu is open)

GroupsGroups settings

2.    Click the ‘Create Group’ button

3.  Enter a group name (and a description if you want).  In the example below the group has been named AT Quiz and details of additional time have been entered in the description field:

4. Scroll down and click ‘Save changes’

5. Select the group and then click the Add/Remove users button  (you will see a list of student names)

Add users

6. Select a student name and click the Add button to add the student to the group.  Repeat this step to add other students to the group

7.  When you have finished adding students, their names will be displayed in the Group members pane (on the left hand side of the screen)

8. Scroll down and click the ‘Back to groups’ button

Use the Group or User Override feature to allow additional time

1. Click the quiz that the student or group of students need to be allocated extra time for

2. Click on the cog icon and then click:
    ‘Group overrides’ if you have a group of students needing additional time or
    ‘User overrides’ if there is only one student that requires additional time

Group overrides

3.  Next, click the ‘Add group override’ OR ‘Add user override’ button (this will depend on the option you selected above). The example below shows how to add a group override

4.  Select the group that you are setting up additional time for

5.  Click the ‘Enable’ check boxes and enter ‘open quiz’ and ‘close quiz’ dates (Dates will be populated if they have already been set in quiz settings)

6.  Time limit – Click the ‘Enable’ check box and enter the time allowed (e.g. 80 minutes), the time limit is displayed on the initial quiz page and a countdown timer is displayed in the quiz navigation block

7. Click the down arrow to select how many attempts are allowed


8.  Click ‘Save’

  9  Or if you have created another group that needs to be allowed a different amount of additional time, click the ‘Save and enter another override’ and repeat steps 4-7 above, then click ‘Save’

What students see

Our student is not allowed extra time. When the student clicks the quiz (in this example before the quiz becomes available) information about the quiz including availability and time limit is displayed. The time limit is 120 minutes.

Student view

When setting up a single user for the quiz, if they need more time allocating, select ‘user overrides’ following steps 3, but completing the details of a single user override.  Enter all the details in the same way as a group, but enable a different time as required.

Watch the short video below to see this in action


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Tracey Eaton

Digital Innovation Technologist

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