LearningSpace: How to Set up the choice activity

What is the Choice activity and how can I use it?

The Choice activity provides a means to run polls or to gather general information from participants in a course. You could use it to ask a simple question, to kick start the beginning of a lesson or it could be a question left unanswered from a previous lesson that needs an answer.

Picture this…

You have just finished teaching a session to a group of students, but you are concerned that some of them haven’t quite grasped the concept that you were trying to get across.

What now..?

How about setting up a ‘Choice’ question to see how clearly your lesson was understood?

How to add the Choice activity to your study module

First you need to log into Learning Space and navigate to your study module. Next click the cog icon at the top right of the page and ‘turn editing on’. In the topic that you want to add the Choice activity to, simply select the ‘Add an activity or resource’ button’ or use the drop down list and select ‘Choice’;

Now you need to give your Choice activity a title and add your question.


Be sure to also tick the box marked ‘display description on course page’;

Next you need decide if you are going to limit the number of responses allowed. This option allows you to limit the number of participants that can select each choice option. When the limit is reached then no-one else can select that option. If limits are disabled then any number of participants can select each of the options.

Remember to use one ‘Option box’ for each answer;

Once you have completed all the responses for your Choice question you can decide when and for how long you want the question to be available for by setting the restrictions.

Under the availability drop-down box you can select a date and time period for the choice activity as required.

In the ‘Results’ drop down you have the option to publish the results. Keeping this set as ‘Do not publish results to students’ will ensure results are only visible to teaching staff. When you are happy with your settings you can click the Save button.

In the ‘Restrict access’ drop-down menu click the add restriction button. You can now add different types of restriction as required.

Save and display.

You will now be taken back to your study module and your Choice activity will be visible.

Answering the Choice activity (for students)

Now that you have set up your Choice activity it’s time to use it! Go into your study module and click on the name of your Choice activity;

Here you will see the text that you added for the question and the possible responses will be shown underneath;

Students simply have to select one of the responses and then click on the ‘Save my choice’ button to submit their answer.

Choice options

Reading the results

Once all of your students have completed the Choice activity you can have a look at the results.

First you need to log into Learning Space and navigate to your study module. Then select your Choice activity;

Click on the ‘View responses’ text link;


You will now be presented with a table containing the responses and number of students who answered which response;

From this window you can also download the results into a different format to use with another programme.

Watch the video below to see this in action.

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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