LS Quiz – Add questions from question bank

Once you have created a quiz, you have the option to create and add new questions to it, or  you can add questions that you created for other quizzes which are stored in a question bank and can be re-used in any new quizzes that you create.

Add questions to your quiz from question bank

  1. Locate the quiz on your LS page and click to open it
  2. Click the ‘Edit quiz’ button
  3. Then click ‘Add’ and ‘from question bank’

quiz add.fwfrom qb.fw

4. Click the down arrow and select the category that the questions are stored in
select category.fw

5. Click in the checkbox of each question that you want to add to your new quiz

click checkbox.fw

6.  Then click the ‘Add selected questions to the quiz’
7.  The questions added will be displayed
8. To add more questions click the ‘Add’ button and select from the options:

  • A new question – this will open the list of question types for you to select from to create a new question
  • From question bank – select a category to add questions from (see 4-6 above)
  • A random question –  select a category name and a question within that category will be randomly selected

Watch the following video to see this in action



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Tracey Eaton

Digital Innovation Technologist

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