Mahara: Adding a journal to a page

The journal tool allows users to create posts using a visual editor, attach files to posts, embed images into entries and configure whether or not comments can be received on the journal.

Creating a journal

If you do not already have a journal then you will need to create one

From the content tab select Journal in the top menus

Next click on the Create a Journal button at the right of the screen.

add journal

You can now give your journal a title and enter a description

Click on the Save button when you have finished.

Add journal entries to your portfolio

There are four options when choosing to add a journal to your e-Portfolio;

  1. Display an entire journal
  2. Display just one journal entry
  3. Display the most recent entries
  4. Display entries with a particular tag


When you have decided which type of journal you would like to add, drag the icon onto your page;

Now you need to add a few details including a title, select the journal to display and choose how many posts to display.

jurnal settings

Watch the video below to see this in action

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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