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Originality Reports provide a summary of matching or highly similar text found in a submitted paper. Turnitin checks against 45+ billion web pages, 337+ million student papers and 130+ million articles from academic books and publications.

The colour of the report icon indicates the Similarity Index of the paper, based on the amount of matching or similar text that was uncovered. The percentage range is 0% to 100%. The possible similarity indices are:

blue           no matching text

green        one word to 24% matching text

yellow     25-49% matching text

orange      50-74% matching text

red             75-100% matching text


How to access an originality report

To access the originality report for a submitted paper:

  1. Click the assignment on your LS page
  2. Click the ‘submission inbox’ tab
  3. Click a student paper to open it
  4. Then click the ‘Originality’ button

originality button.fw

Originality report contents

The Originality Report is separated into three main areas:

  1. Document viewer frame – Shows the Similarity Index for the report and the title and author of the paper
  2. Paper text – The submitted paper’s text in its original formatting. Matching text is highlighted in a color that corresponds to the matching source listed on the right side of the Originality Report
  3. Matching sources/sidebar – The list of matching sources for the highlighted areas of the paper text to the left. The sidebar also displays the Filter and Settings (exclusion options) and the Exclusion List

originality report 3 areas.fw

View mode icons

The view mode icons allow users to switch between the Originality Report viewing modes: Match Overview and All Sources view. The default viewing mode is the Match Overview.

  • To change the view mode for an Originality Report to the All Sources view, click on the All Sources icon
  • The sidebar will automatically update to the All Sources view mode

all sources.fw

Match breakdown mode

By default the Originality Report opens in Match Overview mode. In some cases, matches to smaller areas of similarity may be obscured by larger matches and not shown on this view mode.

  • To find the underlying sources, hover over the match you would like to view the underlying sources for and click on the arrow icon that appears

match breakdown 2.fw

  • In this mode all sources that are obscured by the selected top source are listed below the top source. Click on a source to display the highlights for the match
  • The highlight for the top source match will become lighter and the match to the selected underlying source will be displayed with a darker highlight
  • To return to the Match Overview mode click on the back arrow next to Match Breakdown at the top of the sidebar  match breakdown icon.fw

Direct source comparison

Direct Source Comparison allows a user to quickly compare matching text to the source in the Turnitin repository. Matches to other student papers are not available for Direct Source Comparison viewing unless the students’ are enrolled in your class. Direct Source Comparison can be accessed from the Match Overview or the All Sources view mode of the Originality Report.

Users can either view the Direct Source Comparison as a glimpse within the paper or as the Full Source Text within the sidebar. The glimpse only provides the matching text within context of a few outlying sentences from the source while the Full Source Text loads in the sidebar and contains the full text of the source and all the match instances.

  • To access a direct source comparison click on a highlighted area of text on the left hand (student paper) side

direct source.fw

  • A pop-up window will appear above the highlighted text displaying the matching text within the source of the match

direct source popup.fw

  • To view the matching text within the full source text click on the ‘Full source text’ link
  • The full source text will load into the sidebar
  • If there are multiple matches to this source, click on the arrow icons to quickly navigate through the match instances
  • To exit the ‘Full Source Text’ view click on the ‘X’ button

Watch the video to see this in action

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