Google Apps: Creating a google form

Google forms are a great way to capture information and responses and have it automatically stored in your google drive.

Creating a Form

To begin creating a google form navigate to your google drive account and select Google forms from the ‘New’ dropdown, this will open your basic google forms editor.


This editor allows to add various question types to your form, along with text, images and videos.



Once you insert a question type you will be given the option to add question text and answers etc..

You can also split your form into sections and choose to make questions a required answer.

Sharing a form

Once you have added all of your questions you can choose to share it in order to receive responses. If you are wanting to open up the form to individuals without Marjon Uni google accounts then you can select this option within the settings by clicking on the cog icon in the top right. This will give you a menu of options, including how many responses an individual can submit and what message they receive when they have submitted.


Once you are happy with these settings you can get a shareable link by pressing on the send button in the top right hand corner. From here you can access options to send the form in an email, create a link to distribute or embed the form.

Checking Responses

Once you have received responses to your form you can view the responses directly from the form itself by going to the responses tab. From this tab you can view the responses and graphs with the information for each question. You can use this tab to export the responses into a spreadsheet on your google drive. Once this spreadsheet is created it will always be linked to the form and will update when new responses are received.


 Watch the video below to see this action

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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