Turnitin: Multi part assignment submission

Whilst the majority of Turnitin assignments are automatically created to allow a single file to be submitted, some assignments are set up to accept more than one file submission.  This guide takes you through the steps needed to submit to a multi part Turnitin assignment. The example used in this guide relates to a 3 part assignment, but the same principle can be applied to Turnitin assignments with between 1 and 5 parts.

Finding the submission area

  • Log into LearningSpace and go to your module page
  • Click the assignment title
    assignment name.fw
  • The submission inbox will open and you will see that there is a tab for each assignment partsubmission box tabs.fw

Submitting assignment part one

Over 99% of submissions are successful but in a few cases something may go wrong, so aim to submit on the day before the deadline. This gives you time to get help. DIT (Digital Innovation Team) are here to solve submission problems. Email us at digitalinnovation@marjon.ac.uk or phone 01752 636700 extension: 5673 or call in to room 108. We are available during office hours.

  • Click the ‘Submit paper’ icon (located at the bottom right hand side of the page)
    submit paper.fw
  • Enter your submission title
  • To upload part one of your assignment ‘drag and drop’ the file into the ‘files to submit’ box
  • Read through the statement of originality and click the check box
  • Click the ‘Add submission’ button

Note: Take extra care at this stage to ensure you choose the correct file. If you do submit the wrong file by mistake you can resubmit providing that it is prior to the hand in date. It is important that you do this as some assignment parts may have weightings applied. This option is not available if you are making a late submission

submit paper interface.fw

  • OR
  • Click the ‘Add…’ icon
  • Then click the ‘choose file’ button, navigate to the part one of your assignment and click to select it, click the ‘open’ button, then the ‘upload this file’ button
  • Read through the statement of originality and click the checkbox
  • Click the ‘Add submission’ button

Checking that your part one submission was successful

If your submission was successful, a ‘digital receipt’ will display a confirmation message and submission ID
digital receipt message.fw

  • Click the ‘Close’ button (top right hand corner of screen)

To submit other assignment parts

  • Click each assignment part tab in turn and repeat the process to submit other assignment parts

Printing and saving your digital receipt

Students are strongly advised to ensure they keep a copy of their digital receipt, which is proof that they have submitted their work and contains a submission ID and date/time details.

Printing your digital receipt

  • Click on the assignment to open ‘My submissions’
  • Click the ‘View digital receipt’ link
  • Click ‘Print’
  • Click other tabs in turn and repeat the process to print digital receipts for each assignment part

part 1 digital receipt print.fw   part 1 digital receipt.fw

Saving your digital receipt

  • Click on the assignment to open ‘My submissions’
  • Click your part 1 assignment title (part 1 in this example)
    PART 1.fw
  • Your assignment part 1 will open in the Turnitin ‘grademark’ window
  • Click the ‘printer’ icon (bottom left hand side)
  • Then click ‘Download PDF of digital receipt for printing’
    download digital receipt.fw
  • The file will be stored by default in your ‘Downloads’ folder

Note: Although your ‘digital receipt’ is reasonably safe in your Downloads folder (providing you don’t empty it), this should be considered a temporary storage space and you should move it from there as soon as  possible

  • Open your ‘Downloads’ folder to locate your ‘digital receipt’, right click the receipt, select ‘copy’, then ‘paste’ in to the folder you want to store it in

To download a digital receipt for other assignment parts:

  • Click each tab in turn and repeat the process to save digital receipts for each assignment part submitted

Watch the video below to see this in action



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Tracey Eaton

Digital Innovation Technologist

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