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You can add a number of different question types to each quiz. This tutorial shows you how to create a ‘Multiple choice’ question.

How to add a ‘Multiple choice’ question to your quiz

Locate your quiz and click to open

If you are adding your first question:

  1. Locate your module and click the quiz you want to add multiple choice questions
  2. Click on the cog icon in the top right-hand side of the screen and click on ‘Edit Quiz’
  3. Then click ‘Add’ and select ‘a new question’
  4. A list of question types will be displayed
  5. Select ‘Multiple choice’ then click ‘Add’

Multiple choice questions

If you are adding to a quiz that already has questions:

  1. Locate the quiz and click to open
  2. Go to the ‘Administration block’ (right-hand side of page) and click on the cog and then ‘Edit quiz’
  3. You will see a list of questions already added to the quiz
  4. Follow steps 3 – 5 above

How to set up your Multiple choice question

  1. Category – Click the down arrow and select the category that you want the question added to
  2. Question name – Enter a question name. This is for reference purpose only (students do not see this)
  3. Question Text – Enter your question
  4. Default mark – enter the default mark for the question
  5. General feedback (optional)
  6. One or multiple answers? – Click the down arrow to make your selection
  7. Shuffle choices –  This is enabled by clicking the checkbox.  If enabled, the order of the answers will be randomly shuffled for each attempt (optional)
  8. Number choices – The default format is set to a, b, c.  If you want to change this, click the down arrow to select a different number format
  9. Answers: Choice 1 – enter the first choice, grade – leave as none if incorrect or click down arrow and select 100% if this is the correct answer
  10. Feedback – enter feedback for the choice (optional)
  11. Repeat step 9 for other choices
  12. Scroll down and click ‘Save changes’ to save your multiple choice question

Watch the video to see this in action

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