LearningSpace: Adding PDF files

Some users have reported problems with accessing PDF files on LearningSpace modules and groups. In certain cases, clicking on the PDF link does not open the file for viewing. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, there is a simple fix available that can be implemented on all current and future PDF files uploaded to LearningSpace.

When Adding New Resources

You can follow these steps when creating a new link to a PDF resource in your LearningSpace files area.

Step 1) As per usual, open your module or group on LearningSpace and then turn editing on.

Then (as before) use the Add an activity or resource option list and scroll down to the resources section and select File > Add.

Step 2) Fill in the form providing a name, description and then select your file using the file selector. (small green icon or just drag the file from your computer into the box with the blue arrow)

Step 3) Once you’ve chosen your resource LearningSpace will take you back to the Add a Resource page.

In order to stop the inaccessible PDF problem, you need to select Force Download from Appearance > display.

Essentially, this forces the user’s Internet browser to save a local copy of the file before opening, which resolves the PDF file not loading as expected.

Note: if the problem still persists, try clearing your browser history (cache), or save the PDF file with a new filename (perhaps appending a version number to the filename), then re-upload it.

Updating Existing Resources

If you’ve already created links to PDF files you can still implement the fix.

Step 1) Go to your module or group on LearningSpace and then turn editing on.

Step 2) Find the link to your PDF resource. To the right hand side of the link you should see several icons.

Click the edit button > select edit settings.

pdf edit

Step 3) Scroll down to the Appearance section and select Force Download from the display drop-down list.

Step 4) Click Save and return to course.

Watch the video below to see this in action

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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