Replay/Panopto: How to use the Panopto live webcast feature

Panopto gives you the option to livecast content, while it is being recorded, to individuals at the university and externally using a link.

There are several options available through the Panopto livecast function but also various built in features for someone running a session to be aware of.

Setting up a livecast

Creating a livestream of your session can be done on an ad hoc basis or through scheduling a lecture recording.

Ad Hoc Session

In order to webcast an ad hoc session you will need the Panopto recorder installed on your computer, once this is installed you will have the option to record and simultaneously webcast a session from the screen shown below. This gives you the option to choose a folder location for your recording, e.g. your module folder or personal holding folder, name your recording, choose capture source and choose for it to be a webcast.


It won’t be until you begin recording that a webcast link will appear at the bottom of this screen. This is the link to be shared with your students or external watchers.

Scheduled Webcast

In the same way that lectures are scheduled to record prior to the lecture, this is also possible with a webcast/record session.

Webcast sessions can be scheduled to record/webcast at a set time using the module folder or a holding folder. By scheduling a recording you have access to the webcast link prior to the recording.

Allowing access

The availability of your session to external viewers will be dependent on the folder. The default settings of module folders will allow only students enrolled in your module to view a session livecast although this can be changed to allow sessions to be viewable by anyone with a Marjon login or anybody with the link. For this reason we would recommend that any sessions you may want broadcast to external viewers be recorded into a separate public viewable holding folder, it can then be moved into the correct module folder.

Managing livestream and recording

Presenter control

The presenter has the ability to start and stop the livecast using the Panopto recorder. As with a normal recording you can pause the recording, however, this does not pause the video being transmitted live to viewers.

Viewer Control

The viewer of the livecast has the ability to pause the stream as well as scrolling backwards through the stream. They can also jump to points in the recording at which notes or questions were asked and then return to the real-time stream.

Managing recordings post session

A recording of the livecast will automatically be uploaded into the module folder (if one was selected) for students to view after the session as normal. They will have access to notes made during the livestream from this recording.

If you have recorded a session into a public holding folder you will need to move it into the correct module folder in order for your students to view it after the session.

Watch the video below to see this in action

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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