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Student access to group forum

A group project forum has been set up and is ready for students (belonging to groups in the Project forum grouping) to use. So, how do students access the forum and what do they see?

In the example below we access the  ‘group project forum’ firstly as test student ‘Ewen Matt’ (who belongs to Group A), then as test student ‘Eaton Tracey’ (who belongs to group B)

Test student ‘Ewen Matt’ is a member of Group A which has been added to the Project forum grouping.

  • When test student ‘Ewen Matt’ clicks the ‘Group project forum’ they are taken to the ‘Group A’ area of the forum
  • Test student ‘Ewen Matt’ clicks the ‘Add new discussion topic’ and posts to the forum
  • Because test student ‘Eaton Tracey’ is a member of Group B. When they accesses the forum, they will not see the message posted by test student ‘Ewen Matt’

In the example below, we see test student ‘Ewen Matt’ adding a discussion and test student ‘Eaton Tracey’ logging in and being unable to view the discussion left by test student ‘Ewen Matt’

Watch the video to see this in action

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Tracey Eaton

Digital Innovation Technologist

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