Mahara: How to export your portfolio or collection

All Marjon students have access to a Mahara account that they can use to create a number of portfolios or portfolio collections. While studying at the University these portfolios can be shared with tutors and accessed from anywhere, but once you have completed your degree and left the University, you will no longer have access to Mahara. The good news is that you can export your portfolios and portfolio collections so that they are available to you offline and if you want, you can also use Google Drive to share your portfolios with others.

This tutorial takes you through the steps needed to export portfolios.

  1. Login to LearningSpace and click Mahara (in Quicklinks)
  2. Click ‘Portfolio’ and then click ‘Export’
    mahara export.fw
  1. Select ‘Standalone html website’
  2. Select what you want to export from the options available. In this example ‘Just some of my collections’ has been selected.
  3. All portfolio collections that you have created will show. Click the checkbox of the collection(s) that you want to exportcollections to export.fw
  1. Click ‘Include user feedback’ (optional)
  2. Then click the ‘Generate export’ button
  3. A message will appear when the export has successfully generated

export successfull continue.fw

  1. A zip folder (mahara-export-html) will download
  1. Double click the zip folder and move the folder – e.g. to My Documents

You will now be able to view your portfolio in a web browser, by opening the mahara folder and double clicking ‘index.html’

Watch the video to see this in action

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Tracey Eaton

Digital Innovation Technologist

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