Setting up email on iPhones and iPad

Go to the Settings option and select the Mail, Contacts and Calendars section: Select the option to Add Account.


Select Exchange and enter your details: Click on Next


Complete the details for the Server and the Domain – making sure that all the other details are also correct as shown below.



Select Next

Select the items you want to sync – if you select the Contacts you will have access to the Marjon Global Address Book (students and staff) and if you select Calendars you will have access to your Marjon Outlook Calendar.

If you get an option to select a time limit to sync select the option to sync as regularly as possible.


If you can’t see a Sync option, don’t worry and go to the next section.

Don’t forget to Save.

If the sync option was not available – return to the Settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Select the Marjon email account and change the Mail Days to Sync option to the lowest option available.


Reconnecting to email during Exchange 2016 migration 

If you need to reconnect Marjon email on your Smartphone here is a temporary fix:

    1. Edit the settings of the Marjon email account on your phone
    2. The server name should be (as shown in the screenshot above) and this is the standard connection name but currently this cannot be changed to point to the new server until all the data is moved
    3. So change this setting to and email should start working on the smartphone


We would recommend that you change the server name back once we confirm the move has all been completed

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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