Printing & Photocopying: Printing Set-up

What is the default printing setup?

The printers are defaulted to print double-sided in black and white. To change these options to single sided
or to print in colour, see the headings below:

How to print on single-sided paper

    • Select the File tab/ and click on Print
    • Ensure the Printer is set to Cloud Printing… and select Printer Properties
    • Select OK

How to print in colour

      • Select the File tab/ and click on Print
      • Ensure the Printer is set to Cloud Printing… and select Printer Properties
      • Select OK
      • Remember colour printing costs 16 pence per side (it will be the same price if you print single or

Why are Word documents with Section Breaks harder to print

Printing specific pages of a Word document that has various page numbering formats can be a bit tricky.
A typical example would be a dissertation. If you wanted to print a specific page of the document (for
example page 1) the printer would only print the front cover as it is logically the first page of the document.

Whereas there are two further pages numbered as page 1 within the document as well!

In order to create a document with various page numbering formats, you must insert ‘Section Breaks’. By
identifying the different sections of the document, you will be able to print easily.

Before you start printing…

Open the Word document. Go to the Status Bar (the grey bar at the bottom of the Word screen – displayed
The Status Bar will now display the section as shown below:

Printing specific pages of a section

      • Locate the page/pages you wish to print and take note of the Section number and the page number.
      • Go to the Print command and place the cursor in Settings/Pages box
      • Right click anywhere on the Status Bar and select Section
Printing Options: What to enter in the Pages box: Example:
Printing a single page Type the page number, followed by the
section number
Printing multiple pages Enter page number and section number
as shown above but separated by
p1s2, p1s3, p4s3, p9s3
Printing a range of pages Enter page number and section number
and represent the range by using the
Printing multiple pages and
ranges of pages
You combine the commas and the
hyphens to print multiple pages and
ranges in one go
p1s2, p1s3, p4s3, p10s3-
p21s3, p56s4-p59s4
Printing pages that have more
than one section on the page
(This refers to pages that contain
continuous section breaks and
are mostly used for line
The easiest option is to click on the page
and select ‘Print Current Page’
Alternatively you could enter all the
sections that are on the one page – see
the example
this will print one page only
(p56) but all sections
contained on the page must
be entered

Here’s another example from a student’s dissertation; note that there are NO spaces after the commas or

If you are printing a dissertation remember to print single-sided – and select the correct option to print in
Black and white or Colour. Refer to the guide entitled ‘Printing on single sided paper or printing in colour’
in this section if you are unsure how to do this.

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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