Replay/Panopto: Editing a captured session – Using the new editor

Panopto has recently launched a new editor which allows for easier editing of recordings and without the need for Silverlight or Internet Explorer. This editor does, however, only allow you to trim and remove existing content, if you want to add in additional content you will need to use the old more advanced editor. See the screenshot below for explanation of the new interface.

Panopto new editor

To access the editor you need to click the Edit button below a recording. You will then be presented with the new editor timeline, from this you can select from 3 options;

  • The pointer option allows you to move through the recording and preview the content
  • The cut option allows you to choose parts of the recording to be removed. To do you this you need to click at the start of the part to be removed and drag you mouse along the timeline to the end of the part to be removed. Once you have selected the part to be removed you can drag the handles to change the length or location of the cut.
  • The add to table of contents option allows you to add markers on points in the recording so that they can be added to the table of contents shown on the left hand side. This can highlight certain points of the recording and allows viewer to jump to a specific part of the recording. You can also use this option to add links to webpages and this will pause the video and display the page at this point in the recording.

Once you have made edits you can preview them and then choose to publish or revert the changes using the buttons at the top of the editor.

Watch the video below to see the new editor in action.




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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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