Edublogs: Setting up a site

All staff and students at Marjon have access to the Edublogs blogging platform and can set up a site through the Marjon Edublogs homepage. Once you have logged in click the Get A Blog button you will go through the process of naming and setting up your site.


edublogs usernam


Choose domain name and site title

The first step in creating a blog will be giving your page a domain name and title. The domain name is the name that will appear after in the URL of the site and will be unique to your blog.

edublogs domain


When setting up a blog you can set the privacy settings for your blog. This will specify who can access your site and how.


In order to set up your site you must select a template, this will set the basic layout and styling for your site. These templates have been set up for specific modules, however, you can choose a different template once your page is set up.



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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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