Socrative: Creating Quizzes

Once you have set up an account and room to can begin to create a quiz. To create a quiz go to the Quizzes tab and follow the button to ‘Create Quiz’. Socrative allows you to create three types of question; Multiple Choice, True/False and Short Answer. You will be given the option to name your quiz and add questions to it from the 3 choices.  Clicking on the 3 options will drop down a menu for adding the question, the answer options and information to explain the correct answer.

Watch the video below to see this in action!

Once you have created a quiz containing your questions you can select ‘Save & Exit’ to return to the Socrative homepage.

Running a Quiz

Space Race

When running a quiz you will be presented with various options. This includes running the quiz normally or as a space race. A space race quiz allows students to be part of teams and race to complete all of the questions in the quiz. The progress of the teams will then be shown on the screen. The space race option can be selected from the Socrative homepage.

space race

Teacher Paced

Once you have chosen to begin a quiz from the homepage you will be given the option to run the quiz at the teachers pace. This will allow you to move through the quiz at your pace ensuring all students answer before any answers are presented or gives chance for discussion related to the question.

teacher paced

Student Paced

There are 2 options for allowing the quiz to be student paced.

Immediate feedback – Students receive immediate right/wrong feedback and explanations after they answer each question. Students answer questions in order and cannot skip or change their answers. You are able to monitor their progress via a live results table.

Student navigation – Students have the ability to edit question responses, skip questions and navigate the quiz their own way. Once they’ve completed the activity they can submit the entire assessment. You are able to monitor their progress via a live results table.

Quick question

The final quiz option available is quick question. This allows you to quickly write a question to present to the students and can provide quick and easy feedback on a topic. You can choose from the same 3 question options as normal.

quick question

Student access

For students to be able to access the quiz they can either download the Socrative app or simply go to and use the menu on the right hand side to select ‘Student Login’. This will then ask them to input the room name and a name. You can decide whether to display names and student results on the screen or keep it annonymous. If you choose to hide the student names and scores you will still be able to view their results and names in the reports afterwards.

Watch the video below to see the teacher and student views simultaneously.


Once a quiz has been completed there are extensive reports available at both class and student level. These can be exported from the ‘Finish’ button directly after a quiz or from the ‘Reports’ tab on the home page.


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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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