Replay/Panopto: Managing Recordings and Folders

Access to Panopto

You can manage the recordings that you have created or that have been recorded for modules that you are a tutor on from the Panopto webpage. This can be accessed from here and logging in with your normal details or by clicking on ‘Course Settings’ in the module REPLAY block.

Moving Recordings

You can choose to move recordings to different folders within Panopto. This may be due to content needing to be hidden while content is edited or if the recording has been placed into the incorrect module folder. To move a recording from one folder to another you need to open the ‘Settings’ menu from below the recording you wish to move. On the main settings screen click on the ‘Edit’ button next to the folder name. This will allow you to change the folder that the recording is currently held in.

Deleting Recordings

You can delete a recording by clicking the ‘Delete’ button under the title of the recording. You will need to hover over the recording you see these options.

Note: We would advise moving recordings into a private folder in the first instance as deleted recordings cannot be recovered.

Copying Recordings

You can copy a recording and move it into a folder of your choice using the manage menus within ‘Settings’. Open the settings menu from below the recording you want to move and go to the manage menu. From this menu select the ‘Copy Recording’ option. This will create a copy within this folder which you can then move using the normal method shown above.

Downloading Recordings

You can download an MP4 podcast version of recordings that you have tutor access to. This can be done from the ‘Settings’ menu accessed from below the recording and going to the ‘Output’ menu. From within this menu you can choose the way the podcast is formatted and the quality before downloading the podcast.

Releasing a recording

There is currently a 24 hour delay before recordings are made available to students to allow time for any editing, but if  tutors want to release their recordings earlier they are able able to:

Log in to Panopto via LearningSpace (see access to Panopto at the top of this page)

Select the module folder and locate the recording that you want to release

Hover your mouse over the title and click Settings


Scroll down to the Availability section and select with its folder (immediately)

Then click the X (top right) to close settings

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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