Turnitin – Creating and using a Grading Form

In Turnitin, grading forms can be created to help ensure consistency when evaluating student work. Grading forms are a simple type of rubric (without weightings and scales) that allow the marker to add free form feedback and scores.

Access the Rubric Manager

To create a grading form you need to open the Rubric Manager. There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. When setting up or editing a Turnitin assignment – click GradeMark options to expand the section, then click Launch Rubric Manager
  2. From the Turnitin submission inbox – click the Turnitin assignment title on your module page, then click the Launch Rubric Manager icon 
  3. From the document viewer – click the Turnitin assignment title on your module page, then click a student submission which will open in the document viewer. Click the Launch rubric Manager iconlaunch rubric manager , then click the ‘cog’ icon 

In the example below, the Rubric Manager is accessed via the submission inbox.

  1. Go to your module page and click the Turnitin assignment title to open the submission inbox
  2. Click the launch rubric managericon to launch the Rubric Manager
  3. Click the view available icon
  4. Select ‘Create new grading form’

Create a grading form

  1. Enter a title for your grading form
  2. Then enter criteria.
  3. You can also add criteria descriptions (optional)

grading form

  1. More criteria can be added by clicking the ‘plus’ icon
  2. If you want tutors to add a mark for each criteria, click  enable scoring
  3. Click ‘Save’ then ‘Close’ (top right corner of window)

Attach the grading form to an assignment

The grading form needs to be attached to an assignment before it can be used. Once attached it is associated to all submissions for that assignment and is available for all markers of the assignment to use.

Grading forms can be attached to an assignment either before or after assignments have been submitted:

Before assignments have been submitted:

  1. Go to your LS module page and ‘Turn editing on’
  2. Locate the Turnitin assignment, click edit, edit settings
  3. Scroll down and click GradeMark Options to expand the section
  4. Click the down arrow and select your grading form from the list
  5. Click ‘Save and return to course’

After assignments have been submitted:

  1. Go to your LS module page, locate and click the Turnitin assignment
  2. Open a student assignment
  3. Click the ‘Rubric/Form’ button, then click the cog icon
  4. Click the ‘menu’ button and select your Grading Form from the list
  5. Click the slider to change ‘Attach to Assignment’ to ‘On’

Watch the video to see this in action

Using a grading form

  1. To use the grading form, click a student submission to open it in the document viewer
  2. Add comments to the paper in the usual way,  then click ‘Assign Criterion’ (within the comment box) to indicate which criteria the comment relates to  
  3.  Click on the bubble to move and position it (the comment and link to criterion will be saved automatically) 
  4. When you have finished adding comments to the assignment, click the Rubric/Form button (from menu on right side of window)
  5. Your grading form will display to the right of the assignment. If you have linked comments on the paper to grading form criterion, you will see a bubble next to criterion containing a number to indicate the number of related comments. Click the bubble to view your comments, then enter your general comment
  6. If the grading form was setup with ‘scoring enabled’,  a mark for each criteria can be entered in the text box to the right of criterion
  7. A total is calculated automatically for the marks entered and is displayed at the top of the grading form window
  8. Click the ‘Apply to grade’ button to apply the calculated total to the paper grade box

Watch the video to see this in action

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