Mendeley: Citation Manager and word plugin

Installing the word plugin

There is a plugin available for word which allows you to add citations and bibliographies directly into your documents in word. This plugin is free and can be installed from within the Mendeley desktop app. To install the plugin go to the tools menu and select ‘Install MS Plugin’.

tools ms


Using the citation manager

To access the citation manager, from within word, go to the ‘References’ tab in the toolbar. Click to the point where you want to inster a citation and click on the insert Citation button. You will be able to select a style for your citation once it has been inserted.

This will open up a window which will allow you to search your Mendeley library and insert a citation, you can select choose to reference multiple resources at once. After you have inserted a citation you can use the ‘Style’ dropdown to change the referencing style, including choosing to use the Marjon specific style. Changing the referencing style will apply to the whole document. See our guide on Installing the Marjon referencing style for more information.

Inserting a Bibliography

Once you have inserted citations into your work Mendeley will automatically generate a bibliography. This bibliography will automatically update whenever you add citations to your work. To insert a bibliography click on the ‘Insert bibliography’ button, clicking on refresh will update your bibliography.

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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