Google Apps: Using the Google Slides live Q and A feature

The new google slides feature allows for live Q and A with the audience by accessing a unique link for the presentation. The audience can then ask questions to the presenter, this can either be as a logged in user or anonymously.

These questions can then be viewed by other participants who can choose to vote on the questions asked by other users to bump them up the list and make sure the important questions get answered.

The presenter can view the questions and choose to answer any from the list and also display the current question on the presentation screen.

How to set up a real-time Question and Answer session.

Open up a google slides file from within Google Drive or the Google Slides app on the web or device.

Once you have opened the file use the drop down arrow next to the ‘Present’ button to start the presentation in ‘Presenter View’. This will open the below window from which you can start the Q and A session.

google slides presenter view

By clicking on the ‘Start new’ button a Q and A session will be started and the link for the audience to access to ask questions will appear on the presentation screen.

ask question link

By accessing this link viewers can ask questions which will be displayed in the presenter view window. You can then look at the question and also choose to display them on the screen for all viewers.

question viewer screen

Once a question has been asked it will appear in your presenter view. Other viewers can choose to vote for questions to move them up or down the list of question so they can ensure that the important question get answered. They can do this using the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons.

question presenter view

You can use the present button to display the question on the screen for the audience to view.


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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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