Account FAQs

How do I log onto a computer?

When you join the University you will be allocated a student number and password and these will be your network login and authentication to access resources on the network. When you first start at the University you Username will be your Student number and your password will be Marjon-ddmmyy (with ddmmyy replaced with your date of birth). You can choose to change this password once you have logged in.

What is my network login used for?

You will need your username and password to access the following:

  • Use the computers on campus
  • Your E-mail account
  • Learning Space
  • Library electronic resources
  • Monitoring Print Credits
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Setting up the Password Reset Manager

Where do I save my work?

As a Marjon student you will have your own private storage folder on our network; it has the letter N and your student number to identify it and is known as the N:\ drive. To find this drive, double click on the Computer icon on the desktop.
You can access the N:\ drive from any networked computer on the campus. If you cannot see your N:\ drive please contact Computing Services (located in the 24-hour Computer Room) to sort out the problem.

How much storage space is available on my N drive?

You can store up to 500MB of data on the N:\ drive. If you have more data, then we would recommend using an external storage device such as a USB stick or a portable drive.

How often is the N drive backed up?

The N:\ drive is backed up every night. Therefore it is a reliable location for you to save your work and documents.

What is DeepFreeze?

Please note that all student facing computers in the University are protected by DeepFreeze which reverts the machine back to a default state at every restart. All frozen computers have a Polar Bear icon on the top right of the desktop. This means that if you save your work on the desktop and close down the computer, your work will be LOST! Please save work to an external device (USB drive, DVD etc…), email it to yourself or save to your network drive (N drive). If you do not save work and the machine restarts the work will be wiped and there is nothing we can do to retrieve it.

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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