Mendeley: Searching and Managing

Related Documents

Mendeley has a built in feature which allows you to easily find related articles to those already uploaded to your Mendeley account. To use this feature you can select a document you have already added to your account and use the ‘Related’ related button button to find documents in the Mendeley library.

This will bring up a list of related articles and you can then choose to save the reference or visit the original document online.


You can sort your documents by adding them to folders within Mendeley. This makes it easier to search and find relevant documents.

To create a folder click on ‘Create a folder’ in the My Library section on the left hand side. This will allow you to type in a name for the folder. Drag and dropping files from the ‘All Documents’ window will add them to a folder. If a document has been added to a folder it will still appear in the all documents list.


You can search for key words within All documents, specific folders and also within the documents themselves. This can make it quick and easy to find relevant information.


Once you are within a document you can add notes and highlighting to the text.

To add a note, click on the note button in the top bar and click on the location you want the note placed. To highlight text, click on the highlight button and drag across the text you wish to highlight. If you select text before clicking the note button it will add a note to a specific section of text.

To remove a highlight, right click and select delete highlight. To remove a note click on the dustbin icon and then click on the tick to approve.


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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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