Mendeley: Uploading Documents

There a few different methods for adding documents to your Mendeley account. By adding resources to your Mendeley account they can be referenced in your work quickly and easily. The following methods are using the Mendeley desktop application, which is available on computers around campus. By adding documents they will be uploaded to your Mendeley account and accessible from wherever you are working, it will also then be possible generate citations for your files which can be used in your work.

Add Document/ Folder

You can add documents directly from your files and folders by using the add button in the top left hand corner add files. This will allow you to choose documents to add, it will automatically extract the citation details for the document. In some cases it won’t be able to extract these details or they may be incorrect, in these cases you can manually change the details on the right hand side.

Watch a Folder

To save having to manually upload documents or folders, Mendeley can ‘Watch’ a folder on your computer. This will automatically import files added to a folder. To watch a folder, use the Add button in the top left hand corner and select ‘Watch Folder’. This will open a window in which you can select the folder from your computer.

Add Entry Manually

If you want to add an entry that cannot be imported but that you want included in your bibliography e.g. a webpage or book, you can use the Add Entry Manually option. This option can be found within the ‘Add Files’ menu. This will open up a dialogue box where to can input the citation details for the resource and the type of reference.

Web Importer

You can import documents and citations directly from your browser using the Web Importer. The web importer can be installed from the ‘Tools’ menu, it is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. The Mendeley Web Importer is compatible with Science Direct, Google Scholar listings, PubMed and many other online catalogs.

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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