Mendeley: Installing Mendeley

The Mendeley desktop application is available for install on all campus computers for students and staff to use. Due to the campus computers being frozen the software will need to be installed on start up if you wish to use it, however, the whole process takes less than a minute. Once the software has been installed you will be able to sign in with your Mendeley account and your files will be synced to the desktop application.

Follow the steps below to install the software:

Navigate to the P: Drive. This the public drive and is accessible by staff and students, it can be found below your personal N drive in your files area.

P drive

Once you have accessed the P: drive the installation package can be found at the following location.

P: > MJNET >  Desktop > Mendeley

Double clicking on the installation will bring up a dialogue box. The installation will take less than a minute and the dialogue box will disappear once the installation is complete and a shortcut will be added to the desktop.

If for any reason you have a problem with this installation please contact the MeLT team or Computer Services.

Watch the video below to see this in action


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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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