Mahara: Moodle assignment for Mahara portfolio submission

Tutor access to student Mahara portfolios

Some courses require students to create and maintain Mahara portfolios, for example: as part of an assignment or for placement students to upload evidence of their progress in meeting professional standards etc.  Staff groups are then set up within Mahara and students are required to share their portfolio with a specific group to enable tutor access to their portfolio. This works very well but problems can arise, for example if a student shares with the wrong staff group or if a tutor has not been added to a staff group. This method also requires that new staff groups are created each year with the current academic year appended to the group name.  Following the recent Mahara upgrade it is now possible to set up a Moodle assignment to accept Mahara portfolio submissions (each submission provides a direct link to the students portfolio).  Using this method means that staff groups are no longer necessary as students simply click the Moodle assignment on their LS module page and ‘submit’ their portfolio. Staff enrolled on the module can then access student portfolios.

Setting up a Moodle assignment to accept portfolio submissions

  1. Login to LearningSpace and navigate to your module page
  2. Click the ‘Turn editing on’ button
  3. Go to the section where you wan the assignment and click ‘Add an activity or resource’
  4. Select ‘Assignment’ and click ‘Add’

moodle assignment

  1. Assignment name – enter a name – e.g. Mahara portfolios
  2. Add a description and click ‘display on course page’  (optional)
  3. Availability – Dates can be entered here (allow submissions from, due date and cut off date)
  1. Submission types – Select the ‘Mahara portfolio’ option (make sure other options are deselected)
  2. Feedback types – Select ‘Feedback comments’ (this will allow you to enter comments for each submission in the …
  3. Submission settings –  ‘Require students to click submit button’ – click the down arrow and select ‘Yes’
  4. Lock submitted pages – Select ‘No’
  5. Scroll down and click ‘Save and return to course’

Watch the video to see this in action

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