Network and Accounts: Accessing the VPN

How do I access my N drive from home?

You can access your \N: drive from anywhere in the world provided you have Internet access.

To access your N drive:

Navigate to the Marjon website and scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

Select Staff & Students

Under the Staff and Students Menu, click on the link to VPN access (this stands for Virtual Private Network).


Enter your login details using your Marjon student ID (Username) and password and select Login


Select the (N:\) Student Home folder

You will be able to view documents stored on the N:\ drive.

How do I add files to the VPN?

You can upload files onto the N:\ drive remotely.
Select Browse and search to find the required file.


Once you have selected the file, click the Submit button.

Your file should be visible on the right hand side.

Please be aware you are connecting to the network as if you were in Marjon, therefore you should not leave your computer unattended once connected and always close your web browser when you have finished your session.

How do I delete a document from the VPN?

To delete a document, tick in the box located on the far right of the window.


Select the Delete button. This is located on the top, in the blue bar. Close the window when finished.


How to add a folder to the VPN

You can also create folders in the N:\ drive by selecting the Add New Folder option


Enter the name of your new folder

Click on the Submit button

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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