Mahara: Accessing student portfolios submitted to Moodle assignment

Moodle assignments have been set up on some modules in LearningSpace for Mahara portfolio submission. When using this method, students ‘submit’ their portfolios to the assignment after creating them in Mahara and tutors enrolled on the module have immediate and continued access to them.  Using this method removes the need for staff groups to be created and maintained in Mahara and also removes the need for students to locate and share their portfolio to give tutor access.  This guide takes tutors through the steps required to access ‘submitted’ portfolios and shows how to add comments to portfolio pages.

How to access student Mahara portfolios

  1. Login to LearningSpace and access your module page
  2. Click the assignment icon – e.g. Mahara Portfolios


  1. Click ‘View/grade all submissions to open the submission inbox


The names of students enrolled on the module will be displayed together with the date and time of portfolio submissions. To access student portfolios you can do either of the following:

a.  Click the ‘Add’ icon to Show Mahara Portfolios.


This option will add a ‘Mahara portfolio’ column to the submission inbox. Submitted portfolios will be displayed and can be accessed by clicking the title


b.  The other option is to click the ‘pencil’ icon (next to a student name) in the grade column


  1. Then click the Mahara portfolio title (in the example below – Test student 3 – (2015/16) BEd Primary/Early Years – Year 1), which will open the portfolio for you to browse through


Add comments to portfolio pages

  1. Comments can be entered in the comment box towards the bottom of each portfolio page.
  1. When you have entered your comment, scroll down and click ‘Comment’


Watch the video to see this in action




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Tracey Eaton

Digital Innovation Technologist

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