LearningSpace: The booking activity

How to create a session booking option on your LS module page

Log into Learning Space and navigate to your module.

Click the cog icon Setting icon in the top right-hand corner of the page and Turn editing on

In the topic section that you want to add the booking activity to, click  ‘Add an activity or resource’  select ‘Booking’ and click Add:



Enter a name for your booking and event type. You can also add information about the booking in the Booking text field (e.g. select a convenient tutorial slot from the options)  which will display on the booking  page.

Duration – there is no need to add information here as you can state duration for the slots that you add later

Organiser name – The username of the organiser (e.g. initial of first name followed by surname)

Attachment – Option to upload documents relevant to the session

Default booking options – this can be left as it is as you will be adding this information to each of the slots you add later

Limit the number of participants – You can enable the option to limit the number of participants for the session

Max. number of participants – If you are setting up a booking option for a private tutorial you may set this at 1 other wise this may be set to the maximum number of students in a session

Max. number of places on waiting list – You can set a waiting list for a session, this means if a place becomes available the student will be notified and added to the attending list

Confirmation email settings

Send confirmation email – You can choose to enable the option for students to receive an email confirming their book

Send confirmation email to booking manager – You can choose to enable the option to send a confirmation email to the assigned booking manager

Book other users page – You can choose whether to send an email to an individual booked onto a session by another user (e.g. booking manager) or just to the person who booked the session

Username of booking manager – The username of the staff member responsible for the session and its bookings

There are various different booking confirmation messages available, you can choose to change these to custom messages or edit to messages sent out.

Miscellaneous settings

Allow users to cancel or book their booking when it is started – This setting restricts whether students can make or cancel a booking once it has already begun

Allow users to cancel their booking themselves – This setting restricts whether students are able to cancel bookings themselves or must instead contact the booking manager

Max current bookings per user – Limit the number of bookings a student can make at any one time

Once you have changed any settings you may require, select Save and display to create the booking activity. You will be taken to the booking page with a notice saying ‘Nothing to display’. This is because you have not yet added in any booking options.

Setting up a booking

Adding booking options

To add a booking option click on the cog icon in the top right-hand side of the screen and select ‘Add a new booking option’

Add a new booking option

This will take you to the ‘Edit booking’ screen on which you can input information about the specific booking option, this included the title of the booking and location.

Booking info

You can add in custom information for each booking on the number of participants and add a start and end time of the booking option in the Start and end time of the course options.

Once you have added information into this section you can select ‘Save and display’ to create the booking option or ‘Save and add new’ to save this option and create another.

Editing/ Managing booking options

Once you have added booking options and students have booked places, click on the booking activity on your LS page to see the number of places available and a link to ‘Manage responses’.  Click on this link to view further details about the booking.

Manage responses

To edit a booking, click the cog icon. From here you can edit the booking, duplicate, delete and add multiple dates to the session.

To edit booking

Managing responses

Within the manage responses area, you will be presented with a table showing you which students have booked tutorial slots and for which times:

From this window you can also download the results into a different format to use with another program. You can also delete bookings and view who has booked onto an activity.  Just select the format, such as Microsoft Excel within the ‘Download table data as’ drop-down box and hit the download button.


Note: This is only visible to you as a tutor – students will not be able to access the results area unless this setting was enabled in the Choice options.

Resetting your tutorial booking activity

When you are ready to reset your activity for the next set of tutorials you will need to follow these steps.

Select the cog icon within your module and click on ‘Reset’;

Scroll down the screen until you get to the area marked ‘Bookings’ and open it, then check the box for ‘Remove all responses’;

Then select ‘Reset course’.


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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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