Google Apps: Turning a Google Form into a Quiz

Google Forms have a new feature which allows you to add a grade to a form response and turn it into a quiz.

To do this you need to first create a form on google drive (please our guide on creating a google form) once you have done this you can choose to make the form into a graded Quiz.

Go to the settings button and select the ‘Quizzing’ tab, this will allow you to make the form a quiz and select particular options for this.


Once you have made the form a quiz you will be able to edit the quiz settings for each question.

By clicking on the Answer Key button you can assign a points value to question and select the correct answer.



You also have the option to add Answer feedback to a question. This will show the students different feedback depending on if they got the question right or wrong.

Once you have created your Quiz make sure you de-select the option to restrict answering to the University of St Mark and St John. This option will limit the responses to students with Marjon Google Accounts. This setting can be found in the settings menu, under the Require sign in options.


Once you have completed these settings you are ready to distribute the form. Click on the Send button and select the option to send the form, embed it or share the link.

Watch this quick screencast below to see this in action

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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