Edublogs: Exporting a blog

Edublogs will be available to students for a period of time after they graduate, following this time the contents of the blog can be exported and then imported into another platform, WordPress for example.

Exporting the file will create an XML file which can be imported into another platform.

To access the Export options open the tools menu from the left hand side and select the Export option.


This will open options for you to select which parts of your blog you want to export. If you are planning to import your posts into a completely different platform, not a WordPress based platform, then you may want to only export your posts and media. Layouts and other specific content may not import into an different platform.


Clicking the download export file button will download the XML file directly to your computer.

You can import the contents of your blog into a free or paid WordPress account, or another platform of your choice (although the import process may be different). The theme for your blog will not be carried across, although WordPress does have a number of the same themes, it may be necessary to choose a different theme once it has been imported.

To import directly into Wordpress blog/site you can use the Settings menu, on the new blog, to select the import settings and select the file to import.

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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