REPLAY: Adding a quiz to a recording

From within the basic online editor you can add built in quizzes to a recording. This quiz will then appear at a specified time during the recording and can be used, for example, to test students knowledge.

To add a quiz, navigate to the specific recording and use the ‘Edit’ button to enter the basic editor. From within the basic editor use the quizzing option on the left hand side to add a quiz to the recording.

Once you have created a quiz, click on it to add questions. You can choose from multiple choice, true or false or select multiple and you can then use the options to add the questions and select the correct answer. You can also add a answer key explaining whether the option was correct or not.

Once you have added a quiz you will be given options for the quiz, including whether students can retake the quiz and whether they are able to review the answers after the quiz.

Once you are happy with the quiz and its position in the recording click publish to save, you can then preview what the quiz will look like in the recording.

Once a student has responded to the quiz you can use the ‘Quiz Results’  options in the settings menu to view the quiz results..

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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