Panopto student guide – Uploading videos to Panopto

In addition to using Panopto (REPLAY) to record lectures,  some tutors may request that you use Panopto as part of the assessment process, for example to upload your presentation video files. This short guide will take you through the steps required.

Uploading your video to Panopto

If you have recorded a PowerPoint presentation or used a video camera or mobile device to film, you can upload your video file for tutors to access:

  1. Go to:
  2. Login using LearningSpace (with your university login details)
  3. Click the ‘Create’ button and select ‘Upload media’
  1. Select the folder that you need to upload to
  1. Then drag your video file or click to navigate and locate the file
  2. A message will appear to let you know when your upload is complete
  3. If you have uploaded the wrong file, hover over the name of your file (e.g. PanoptoDownloadRecorder in the screenshot below) and click the ‘bin’ icon to delete it



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Tracey Eaton

Digital Innovation Technologist

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