Turnitin: Excluding specific matches from the originality report

There may be situations in which you want to exclude a particular source/match from the originality report for an assignment. This will mean you are able to view/mark the assignment without the similarity score/report being affected by particular sources.

From within the Turnitin Originality report window you are able to select and remove specific sources from the overall report and the match view.

Excluding Matches

In order to exclude a source you need to navigate to the specific paper and make sure you are in the originality report view mode.

You will be able to see the ‘Match Overview’ on the right hand-side of the window, from here you can identify the sources you want to exclude and use the arrow to open the ‘Match Breakdown’ view.

At the bottom of this panel you will see the option to ‘Exclude Sources’, selecting this button will allow you to individually select the sources to remove.

Once you have selected the sources, by checking the tick boxes, click on the ‘Exclude’ button at the bottom to recalculate the originality score without the selected sources.

Resetting/Including excluded matches

If you decide you no longer want to exclude a source or want to reset the originality report to its original result (this may be particularly useful if there are multiple markers on the same assignment) you are able to do this from the ‘Excludes Sources’ panel from within the originality report view mode.

From the Originality report view open the ‘Excluded Sources’ panel using the “stop sign” icon at the bottom of the panel.

This will open a panel displaying all of the sources currently excluded from the originality report, use the check boxes to select which sources to include or use the ‘Restore All’ button to reset the report to include all sources.

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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