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What is completion tracking?

Completion Tracking allows lecturers to specify conditions that define when an activity is considered to be complete e.g. when a certain number of posts have been made to a forum, or a grade in a quiz has been reached.

The Completion system itself will consist of 2 parts:

  1. Activity Completion
  2. Course Completion

Activity completion enables lecturers to specify conditions that define when a student has completed an activity. Course Completion enables lecturers to specify conditions that define when a student has completed a course.

Turning on Course Completion

By default all new courses have completion tracking enabled, however if you are using an older course you may need to turn it on manually.

To turn on course completion, click on ‘Edit settings; in the settings block;

Scroll down to the ‘Completion tracking’ options and make sure ‘Enabled’ is set as ‘Yes’

Completion tracking

You will now see that ‘Completion Tracking’ appears in your settings menu;

Manual completion tracking

Turn editing on and then click the ‘Edit’ button and then ‘Edit Settings’ next to one of your activities;

Now scroll down to the ‘Activity Completion’ box and select ‘Students can manually mark the activity as complete’ from the drop down list;

Manual marking

Click on ‘Save and return to course’.

You should now see tick boxes appear against activities that are in your module, clicking on these will turn them into a solid tick;

Solid tick

Automatic completion tracking

Select an activity to edit and select the appropriate option in the ‘Activity Completion’ box;

Activity completion

Creating a Learning Path

To create a pathway through your module from start to finish you can use the automatic completion tracking setting. This allows you to daisy chain resources and activities together and will only let students progress to the next activity once they have met the correct conditions of the one they are currently on.

When editing an activity, open the ‘Restrict Access’ box and click on ‘Add restriction’ select an activity that must be completed before the student is able to get to the current activity;

Add restriction

The activity you have added completion tracking to now has a purple ‘restricted’ text below it explaining that the activity will not be available until the other restrictions have been met.


You can switch your role to a student to see how the tracking will work.  (to switch roles, go to the very top right hand corner of the screen and click on your profile icon, then click on ‘switch role to…’

Switch role to

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