LearningSpace: Backing up a module

Module leaders and course administrators have the ability to back-up and export their LearningSpace modules for safe-keeping/archive purposes. They also have the ability to perform backups with or without including currently enrolled users. This guide will be helpful if a course code has been changed and you would like to import existing structure and/or content from a previous course to the new course space or if you simply want to keep copies of your course partway through a term for safe keeping.

This guide will show you how to back up a course with or without enrolled user information and export your course for safe keeping on your machine.

Backing up your course

First you will need to log into LearningSpace and navigate to the relevant study module you would like to back-up.

Once there, click on ‘Backup’ in the settings box;


You will be taken to a screen that constitutes the first of 5 possible steps that you will need to go through in order to successfully back-up your course.

Backing up your course – 1. Initial settings

You will be presented with a ‘Backup settings’ box with a list of options followed by check boxes. These options represent the information, currently making up your course, which you will want to either include in the back-up process or not. At the very top of the list you should see the option ‘Include enrolled users’.

Back up settings

You will notice that if you uncheck ‘Include enrolled users’ all other options on the list will become unavailable apart from those allowing you to include activities, blocks and filters. Leave these options selected as they make up the remaining course resources that students will expect to see. If you plan on including enrolled users in your backup, then these options will remain available for you to change.

Now select the ‘Next’ button to proceed to the Schema settings page.

Backing up your course – 2. Schema settings

Now that you have decided on the course content for your backup you can now choose to include or exclude specific resources and activities from your course on the ‘Schema Settings’ page. You will be presented with an ‘Include’ section that lists all of the content of your course in a list on the left hand side and any present user data on the right hand side;

If you have chosen not to include enrolled users in the previous step then all user data on the right hand side will be marked with a red cross indicating that they have been excluded. Alternatively if you do intend to include user data then you will be presented with a similar list of check boxes which will allow you to exclude specific items at your choice.

Schema settings

When you are ready, click ‘Next’.

Backing up your course – 3. Confirmation and review

Step 3 in the backup process will give you the opportunity to review both your ‘Backup settings’ and ‘Included items’ from the previous two screens.

In both ‘Backup settings’ and ‘Included items’ sections you will see a green tick next to items that will be included in your back-up and a red cross next to items that will not be included;

If you have made an error or notice an item that you have not included that you would like to, then you will need to return to the previous screen by selecting ‘Previous’ at the bottom of the page and ticking the relevant check-box.

You will also notice at the very top of this page a ‘Filename’ box;

Here you can enter a name of your choice into the ‘Filename’ input box. LearningSpace gives each back-up file a default name including the course title, course code and the date that the back-up was performed.

Once you have made one final review of your filename, backup settings and included items you are ready to perform the backup by clicking ‘Perform backup’ at the bottom right-hand side of the page.

LearningSpace will then perform the backup which may take a few moments depending on how big your course is. If the backup is successful you will see a confirmation message appear.

Backup successful

Click ‘Continue’ and LearningSpace will automatically take you to your ‘Restore course’ page. This page will allow you to choose a backup file to restore to a course and manage your public and private course backup areas. For now, we just want to focus on your ‘User private backup area’.

You will notice that the backup file you have just created is listed here.

While LearningSpace does store all of your course backups it is recommended that you download and keep a copy of your course on your computer for safe-keeping just in case.

To download a copy of your course backup, click the ‘Download’ link in the file table. This will initiate the download and you will then be able to save your file in an area of your choice on your hard drive.



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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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