Turnitin: Marking using the Feedback Studio

From within the Turnitin Feedback Studio you can access the ‘Grading’ layer to use the electronic grading and feedback tools. Click on the layers icon and check the tick box to activate the Grading layer.

The Grading tools can then be accessed from the Grading controls on the right toolbar.

The Grading layer contains several tools that academic staff can use in grading and assessing work. This tutorial will cover the use of:

  • Bubble comments
  • Highlighted text comments
  • Inline comments
  • QuickMark comments
  • General comments


A comment is equivalent to a note that a tutor may write in the margins of an essay. A comment might be:

“This is a very good introduction, you’ve clearly identified the focus for the essay and how you intend to answer the question”

 A comment can be up to one thousand characters in length.

Adding a bubble comment to a paper

  • Click on the ‘Layers’ icon  and tick the checkbox to view the ‘Grading’ layer.

  • Click the point in the paper you want to add the comment to and select the ‘Bubble comment’ icon from the pop up (Centre button).
  • Type your comment into the pop up window which appears.

  • Click out of the pop up to save your comment.
  • The comment will be added to the paper as a hover-over bubble

Editing or deleting a comment

Comments can be deleted by clicking back on the bubble to open the pop up and clicking ‘trash can’ icon

Highlighted text comments

A tutor can associate a highlighted section of text with a comment, to reference a specific area of text

  • Highlight the text you want but clicking and dragging
  • Release your mouse to bring up the comments pop up and select the type of comment

  • Enter the comment into the text field of the comment bubble. Within feedback studio you can add some text formatting to comments, including bold and italics, you can also include hyperlinks using the link button.
  • Select a highlight color from the 5 color options
  • Click out of the pop up to save the comment

  • The comment icon will appear where the highlight was made
  • You can now drag the comment icon away from the highlight and it will be associated with the highlight by
    a connecting line

Striking through text

  • You can strike through text within the Feedback Studeio by selecting the text and releasing your mouse to bring up the comment pop up
  • From this pop you can select the Strikethrough button 
  • To delete the strike through hover over the text you have applied it to and then click on the trash
    can icon that appears

Adding an Inline comment to a paper

Inline comments ‘overlay’ paper text and so are suitable to use at the beginning, end or between paragraphs of a submitted paper

  • Make sure you have the grading layer active
  • Click on the place on the paper where you want to add the comment
  • This will bring up the comment pop up and you can select the text comment button 
  • When you have finished, click elsewhere on the paper
  • You can edit or delete an inline comment by clicking directly on the text or trash can icon

  • To move an inline comment click and drag on the comment text


Turnitin has a number of built in ‘QuickMark’ comments that you can use when marking

  • To open the ‘QuickMark’ panel click on the ‘QuickMark’ button on the right hand side 
  • You can add ‘QuickMarks’ directly form the side panel by clicking on and dragging the ‘QuickMark’ onto the paper.
  • Alternatively you can click on the point in the paper where you want to add the ‘QuickMark’ and select ‘QuickMark’ from the comment pop up 
  • QuickMarks are stored in ‘sets’. The image below shows an example QuickMark Set

  • To change to another set, click the down arrow next to the name of the ‘QuickMark’ set and select the set that you want from the list
  • You can also add a ‘QuickMark’ to highlighted text. To do this, highlight the text and click the ‘QuickMark’ button from the pop up. You can then drag the ‘QuickMark’ comment away from the highlight text and it will still be associated by a connecting line

General comments

The general comment tool allows for a longer, general feedback. Content that you would normally write on the Coursework Report Form can be entered here.

The general comments area can be used to record a shadow mark, if required (as this is not captured elsewhere) and can also be used to capture second markers comments, although you may consider clearly identifying this for students, e.g. First marker name and comment, second marker name and comment.

  • Click on the general comments icon in the right sidebar

  • Enter your name and comment within the text field

  • Click away from the text comment box to save your comment

Allocating a grade

  • When you are ready to give the paper a final grade, click in the grade box at the top right of the screen
  • You can now manually type in a grade
  • Click outside the grade box when you have entered a grade (it will save automatically)

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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