• Red QR codes are compulsory for timetabled sessions.  All students must check in.
  • Amber QR codes are advised.  Students should keep a log of their non timetabled activity. eg private study/revision in library.
  • Green QR codes are encouraged.  Green codes can be used for events and social activities.

 CheckIn Room Register

The CheckIn Room Register is a live CheckIn register which appears automatically on the CleverTouch or whiteboard when your tutor logs in to the room laptop.  This register will show a live list of the students who have Checked In and a QR code for students to CheckIn directly from this screen.   If you check in to a room that doesn’t have a timetabled session scheduled, CheckIn will still register your attendance but there won’t be any information about the module or session you are attending.


Before you leave a session you can also CheckOut. This gives you the opportunity to give feedback about the session and select the reason you checked out.

 How is the data used?

The system primarily provides relevant staff with data on attendance to teaching sessions and will be used for monitoring purposes.  As a student, you can access your own data via the Marjon Mobile app.  This data is put into pie charts that break down the information such as types of sessions attended, activity carried out and a complete list of your ‘CheckIn’ history.

What if I don’t have a device with me?

If you don’t have a device with you, you can ‘CheckIn’ using a friends device using the Manual CheckIn button or the laptop in the room.

You will need to open a browser and go to moodle.marjon.ac.uk

Login to LearningSpace, then click the CheckIn icon


You then need to manually ‘CheckIn’ using your Marjon credentials: