Turnitin: Access Turnitin Feedback in Feedback Studio

Once your assignment has been graded and you’ve been told that your feedback is ready, you can review your grades and feedback online via LearningSpace.

Note: It is important that you save a copy of your assessed assignment as it will only be accessible online for a limited period of time.

Assessing assignment feedback and grade

First you need to log into LearningSpace and navigate to your study module

Locate the assignment submission area and click the assignment icon

You then need to click the ‘My Submissions’ tab and click on your assignment title to open the online viewer Reviewing your assignment feedback and grade

Reviewing your assignment feedback and grade

You will see your grade (marked out of 100) in the top right hand corner of the window

If your feedback is not immediately displayed, click the bubble icon to activate the ‘Grading’ layer.

You can also change the zoom level to make the text easier to read by adjusting the slider at the bottom of the window

You can now go through the script and read annotations made by your tutor by clicking on the bubbles to read the full comment

Your tutors may also use QuickMarks which are inbuilt remarks for common errors or comments that your tutor will regularly make on all assignments. Each QuickMark contains information that can help you avoid making the same mistakes in future.

Click on the QuickMark title to see the QuickMark information



Once you have read ‘bubble’ comments on your assignment, you should read the ‘General Comments’ provided by your tutor, which are displayed on the right hand side of the window.

Your tutor might have left audio feedback in addition to a text comment. You will need to use headphones and click the’ play’ icon to listen to this.


Important! Please remember to download your assignment grade and feedback


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