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Turnitin – Feedback Studio

Turnitin Feedback Studio is the online submission system used for submitting assignments and dissertations at the University. A powerful feature of Turnitin is its ability to produce similarity reports for each submitted paper. This is something that tutors/markers have always had access to, but from September 2017 students will also have access to similarity reports produced for their submitted papers.

What is a similarity report?

Turnitin checks each submitted paper against billions of webpages, student papers and articles from academic books and publications. It then produces a summary of matching or highly similar text found in the submitted paper.

When can I access the similarity report?

Turnitin assignments are available on your LearningSpace module page two weeks prior to the hand in date. To see the similarity report produced for your assignment you can submit during this two week window. A similarity report is usually produced within 15 minutes of your first submission and while there are no restrictions on the number of times you can submit (up until the due date), after three re-submissions, new similarity reports will take up to 24 hours to be produced.

How do I access the similarity report for my assignment?

To view the similarity report, click the Turnitin assignment on your LearningSpace module page to open the submission inbox. If your report is ready to view you will see a similarity percentage which indicates the percentage of your paper that matches other sources.  Click the similarity percentage (or the title of your submitted assignment) to open your submitted paper and access the similarity report in Feedback Studio.

What is the similarity percentage?

When Turnitin has checked your paper against other sources, it will apply a similarity percentage to your submitted paper. This percentage indicates how much of your submitted paper matches other sources. The similarity percentage is displayed in your submission inbox and in Feedback Studio when you open your submitted paper.

Viewing your similarity report

  • Text in your paper that matches (or is similar to) other sources will be highlighted and numbered for easy referencing
  • Clicking Match Overview (the icon displaying the percentage of your paper that matches another source) will display sources with the highest percentage match
  • If you click the arrow next to a source you will see the ‘Match Breakdown’ which is a list of other sources that match text in your assignment
  • Clicking a source in Match Overview will open an extract of the matched source with matching text displayed in a red font
  • Click the ‘Full source view’ icon to display full source text in the right hand pane
  • If the selected source has multiple matches within your assignment, arrows will display for you to navigate to other parts of your paper that match the source  

Filters and settings

With the exception of the bibliography section, the similarity percentage for your paper is based on the percentage of your paper that matches other sources.  This includes quotes that you have used and keywords, for example, subject related terminology. You can exclude quotes and sources that are less than a certain number of words (or percentage) from the similarity report by clicking the filter button, selecting your options and applying changes. This will produce an updated similarity percentage immediately.

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