Mahara: Sharing your portfolio

Students on some programmes (e.g. BEd) need to share their Mahara portfolios with specific staff groups to provide their tutors with access to them. Using BEd 1 as an example, this short guide takes you through the steps required to do this.

  1. Login to LearningSpace (
  2. Click the Mahara link
  3. Go to the top menu bar and click ‘Portfolio’, then ‘Collections’
  4. Click on the title of your portfolio to open it
  5. Click the ‘Edit this page’ button
  6. Click ‘Share page’ located immediately below the page title
  7. In the ‘Shared with’ section, click the down arrow and select ‘Groups’
  8. A search box will appear next to ‘Groups’. Enter BEd Primary and select theĀ  BEd Primary/Early Years Year 1 (staff) group
  9. Click the ‘Save’ button

Tutors in the staff group you have selected will now have access to your portfolio.

Watch the screencast below to see this in action



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Tracey Eaton

Digital Innovation Technologist

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