LearningSpace: How to rename sections of your LS module page and add summary information

When LS Module pages are initially set up, the ‘Topics’ layout is used and courses have five sections with default names of Topic 1, Topic 2, Topic 3 etc.  (see image below)

Tutors can then rename the sections to something meaningful, add their resources/ activities and additional sections. There is no set rule for naming sections and organising content as this will differ from module to module, but it is something that careful thought needs to be given to.  The most important consideration when naming course sections is to use section titles that provide students with a clear indication of the content within each section.  With this in mind. if you change topic titles to week numbers we strongly recommend that you also include dates.

To rename a section:

  • Click the cog (top right hand side of page), then click Turn editing on

  • Scroll to the section you want to rename, click Edit and select the ‘Edit Topic’ option

  • Click the Custom checkbox and enter a new section name.  You can also use the summary area to provide details of the topic or resources (optional)

  • Scroll down and click the green ‘Save changes‘ button
  • The section will now be displayed with its new name and summary on your LS module page (see image below)

  • Repeat steps above to rename and add summary information to other sections

Watch the video below to see this in action!

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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