What if I am a 2nd or 3rd year and already have a Free Office package with my student email address?

If you are already a Marjon student you might already have taken advantage of the offer of Free Microsoft office through Microsoft itself using your studentnumber@student.marjon.ac.uk email address.

If you have there is good news, you will still have access to the account setup with your student.marjon.ac.uk email address but you will also be able to access Online storage provided for you by Marjon by logging in to https://login.microsoftonline.com/ using studentnumber@marjon.ac.uk.

You can then use your Marjon account for your  work (as your lecturers may choose to share files with you using this account) and the other account for anything else you want whilst studying. You could also download additional versions of Office onto more devices using your studentnumber@marjon.ac.uk email address if you wanted to.

Only thing to be aware of is that both accounts will only last for as long as you are a student at Marjon, so make sure you have somewhere to backup your files after you leave.

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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