Turnitin: How to add a Turnitin assignment

If you want to create your own Turnitin assignment for a formative assessment, this post will show you how to set this up.

  1. login to LearningSpace
  2. Go to the module you want to setup the assignment
  3. Turn editing on
  4. Click on ‘Add an activity or resource’ within the section that you want to add the assignment
  5. Select the ‘Turnitin Assignment 2’ activity and ‘Add’
  6. Enter a title for the assignment & description if needed
  7. Set whether you want the marking to be anonymous or not and set the dates for when the assignment will start and be due.
  8. You may wish to set the ‘store student papers’ within the originality report options to ‘No repository’ – so that Turnitin will just provide a similarity score and not store the submission to any repository
  9. Check through any additional options within each section and if you need further advice, contact DIT.

When you are happy with the setup, click on ‘Save and Display’.

Watch the below screencast to see the setup.

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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