REPLAY (Panopto) Stats – How many students have viewed your recorded sessions?

With all timetabled sessions being captured by REPLAY (Panopto) , you may be interested to find out how many of your students are viewing recorded sessions.

Panopto has a built in stats tool that allows you to find this information out with just a few clicks. You can view stats for a whole module or for specific sessions within a module and can also download the following reports in handy Excel files:

Module Stats – Views by day and Top Viewers reports

Individual recordings Stats – Views by day, Viewer Engagement and Top Viewers reports

Watch the screencast to see how to access Panopto stats for your module or follow the step by step instructions below

How to access the Panopto folder for your module

  1. Log into LearningSpace and go to your module page
  2. In the REPLAY block, click ‘Course settings’
  3. Close the settings window (click the ‘X’ top right)

You will then see a list of all sessions that have been captured for your module

To view Stats for all sessions in your module folder:

  1. Access the Panopto folder for your module (follow steps above)
  2. Click the Folder Stats icon to open the Folder Dashboard
    stats icon
  3. Select the time range you want to view stats for
  4. In the example below a custom range has been used. The chart shows the number of views, unique visitors and minutes delivered (number of minutes streamed and downloaded)
  5. Beneath the chart you will see information about Top sessions.

  1. Download Reports – click the report that you want and a zip folder containing an Excel report will download

To view Stats directly for individual sessions:

  1. Access the Panopto folder for your module (see above)
  2. Hover over the session you want and click the Stats button
  3. Repeat steps 3 – 6 above


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Tracey Eaton

Digital Innovation Technologist

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